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Europe and the Future IVZW has been founded to create a better world.

And what does that mean?

Most of the people know that the challenges of the climate change are enormous.

In the German network project AgrarANTRIEB of  'Zentralen Innovationsprogrammes Mittelstand (ZIM-NEMO) des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums (BMWi)', small and medium-sized businesses, reasearch institutions and the nature conservation Foundation EuroNatur worked together to advance the introduction of regionally produced vegetable oil fuel in the agricultural market.
On this site you will find extensive information gathered during the execution of this project. This information forms the basis of the development of the international organization IVZW

We thank AgrarANTRIEB for this support.

The menbers of also know how to take steps toward the goal of saving the planet and its resources

  • a closed circuit
  • no waste
  • less CO2-Emission
  • short transport routes that save fuel
  • producing protein-rich animal feed
  • working with nature, not against it
  • get help from bees and earthworms
  • and much more

We also wish to drive forward the further development of a strong local European protein feed market in close cooperation with nature organizations, such as EuroNature and international Bee-organisations.

Search the info at this site, and if you like it - join us!




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