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Bundesverband Pflanzenöl AustriaBundesverband Pflanzenöl Austria

Federal Association of vegetable oil Austria


agrarplusAGRAR PLUS

The project developer in lower Austria, Austria and its vegetable oil for tractors and cars


pfalnzenöl magazinPflanzenölmagazin

Vegetable oil - trade magazine for production, processing and logistics



Waldland - the Austrian service providers for vegetable oil



Biomass · Logistics · Technology Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg




Federal Association of decentralized oil mills and vegetable oil technology



research and development work on the use of alternative fuels in modern internal combustion engines



Belgium Federal Association vegetable oil in Belgium



Other important links



europa is the official website of the European Commission and part of Europa – the official EU website.



General information on the European Parliament, its work and organisation



Irena Logo
IRENA seeks to make an impact in the world of renewable energy by maintaining a clear and independent position, providing a range of reliable and well-understood services that complement those already offered by the renewable energy community and gather existing, but scattered, activities around a central hub.

Euronatur Logo
EuroNatur is the lawyer for Europe's nature in Brussels and fights for an economically and ecologically sensible orientation of agricultural policy in Europe, as well as for a conservation policy that creates perspectives for the future - for people and nature.


TFZ Logo
Task of the technology and support center is to promote the provision and use of energy sources and raw materials from crop products and residues from agriculture and forestry (renewable resources) through application-oriented research, technology and knowledge transfer, as well as by the State promotion of projects.


Innovatienetwerk Logo
Kiemkracht is an alliance of the Agriculture Product Board (PA) and InnovationNetwork. Supportive organizations within the business community are LTO Nederland (Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture) and NAV (the Netherlands Agriculture Union). Kiemkracht is working on ground-breaking innovations in agriculture => Sustainable honest lupin chain


German Federal Ministry of Economics and technology


ZIM Logo
The Central Innovation Program SME (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand – ZIM) is a funding program for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) with business operations in Germany that want to develop new or significantly improve existing products, processes or technical services. As the cooperation partner of an SME, public and private non-profit research and technology organisations (RTO) are also eligible.


Logo professional beekeepers
The European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA) is an association of beekeeping organisations of EU member states.


Logo Bienpolitikühende+felder
Beekeeping and Politics - conversation between Stefan Innerhofer (Regineering GmbH), Thomas Kaiser (AGRARantrieb) and Tim Brand (beekeeper) in Denkendorf (Germany)



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